How to Compare Window Replacement Companies

How to Compare Window Replacement Companies

Comparing window replacement companies can be a task. Unless you’re a property manager or flip houses for a living, it’s probably the case that you’ve never replaced windows before. Before working here, I was oblivious to what makes a good window company. My search would have started and ended with a vague Google search. So I’ve come to shed a little light on the subject. Comparing window replacement companies in Metro-Kentucky can be difficult; so many companies, window options, warranty options, and the list goes on. But when comparing a maintenance-free vinyl window replacement company, here are a few topics to research.


You don’t book a reservation at a hotel with 2 stars or go to a restaurant with a 70% on their health inspection. The same should go for your Window and Door providers. Be sure to read reviews from multiple sources like Google, BBB, HomeAdvisor, and Facebook. Having a good collection of reviews shows that the company has proved themselves. It’s a good opportunity to find out if the company has the qualities that you want for your home improvement project.


Did you know that not all window companies make their own windows? Or that some companies sell the same manufacturer’s windows for different prices? If you have a manufacturer in mind, you can go straight to their website and find your local provider. If you don’t, make sure to ask about the manufacturer at your sales appointment. This ensures that you don’t pay twice or even three times as much for the same exact window.


Everyone loves a local handy man. They’re definitely convenient when you need them, but they may not be the best person to do your windows. Not because of their skill, quality or personality, but because they may not be able to provide a warranty for your window. Accidents happen, so be sure to find a company with a tested warranty that can protect it and your home for the duration of your time there and even beyond.

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