What can new windows do for me?

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What can new windows do for me?

If you’re like my wife and I, you enjoy doing the little things to improve the look and overall value of the home. Every weekend it seems that we are talking about some sort of project. But when it comes to the big projects, as in the ones that will really cost you some bacon, it’s tougher to decide what is actually worth it. There are tons of great investments to improve the value of your home, and you should always prioritize the ones that can bring you the most value and happiness. Today I’d like to share the value replacement windows can actually provide for you.

1. Dramatic Curb Appeal: The sharpness of a home’s curb appeal is dramatically affected by it’s perceived cleanliness and vivid color. Old and worn windows don’t reflect near as much light, and give the fascia of a home a more dull appearance. If your windows are wooden framed, they could be exposing signs of deterioration and color fading that will also take away from the overall “pop” of your home from a distance. New windows give a sharper, brighter, and cleaner look to your exterior.

2. Dramatic Interior Appeal: Windows often go decades without being replaced, and since they aren’t easily interchangeable or customizable we grow to accept their appearance. When you compare the amount of lighting, color, and style that a new window can bring to a room, though, the impact is hard to overlook. Installing new windows gives you a chance to modify trim colors, accent lighting in your room, and change the style of window framing.

3. More Comfort for Every Room: Windows manufactured with old techniques can expand over time, allowing for chilling airflow to occur during the summer. If your windows are single paned, or if the double-pane seal has broken, they could be transferring some direct temperature exchange. When sitting even several feet away from un-sealed windows, you’ll feel a draft, even though the temperature of your thermostat may be properly set. New windows give you a chance to seal all undesired spaces for airflow, provide an extra barrier of insulation with double-paned, argon-filled glass, and re-seal the gaps between the window frames and your home insulation.

4. Lower Utility Bills: Most contractors find that windows are an easy corner to cut when a home is being built since most windows look the same on the outside. Often a builder will choose to use aluminum or steel window frames for their low cost, but the implications of energy loss on this decision are huge. Most homes can expect an energy savings of up to 20% by installing Energy-Star rated vinyl windows with low-emissivity coating. A number of technology advancements in recent years have helped to develop windows that not only minimize undesired airflow from the outside, but also help protect ultraviolet light from heating surface areas inside the window. Over the lifetime of a window, it is not uncommon to have saved 4-5 times the initial investment on energy costs. Many companies also offer financing options, which can help cash flow this benefit to a zero-monthly increase in spending.

5. Better lighting: Up to 90% of the light from a room comes through the window. When old window seals fail and allow condensation to start taking place, water stains and other impurities will stain the window over time and refract the light from purely shining through. When you consider the lack of clarity in lighting, along with the unattractive appearance of a whitish-grey hue on a window, it is easy to see how new windows can dramatically increase the appearance of every room in a home.

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